We Love Moses (short, 2016)

When Ella was 12, she had her first fight. And when she was 12, she discovered sex. Now 18, Ella reflects on how her obsession with her brother's best friend Moses left her with a secret she still carries.

Dionne Edwards's follow-up to her award-winning short Hi, Miss! 

We Love Moses was funded by Film London, Signature Pictures and Sugar Films Lab. 

BFI London Film Festival, October 2016 (World Premiere)

BFI Black Star at Bristol Watershed, October 2016 

BFI Black Star at Genesis London, November 2016

Underwire Film Festival, London, November 2016 WINNER: BEST EDITOR

London Short Film Festival, January 2017 

SOUL Connect, London, March 2017

Undrlndn, London, March 2017

BORN N BRED, Playback Festival in association with Random Acts, London, March 2017

Chronic Youth Film Festival, London, March 2017

BFI Flare, London, March 2017

Moonlight + We Love Moses, London, April 2017 

Kill Your Television, London, April 2017

Crossing the Screen on tour, Eastbourne, April 2017

Black British Shorts: Curated Screening with sorryyoufeeluncomfortable, London, June 2017

American Black Film Festival, Miami, June 2017 NOMINEE: HBO SHORT FILM AWARD

East End Film Festival, London, June 2017

Hamburg International Short Film Festival, Hamburg, June 2017 

Lovers Film Festival, Turin, June 2017

San Francisco Black Film Festival, San Francisco, June 2017. WINNER: BEST FOREIGN SHORT

Mediterranean Film Festival, Syracuse, July 2017

Stockholm Independent Film Festival, July 2017

British Urban Film Festival, London, September 2017

The Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival, Port of Spain, September 2017

Toronto International Film Festival, September 2017.  

Encounters Short Film Festival, Bristol, September 2017. WINNER: BEST OF BRITISH AWARD

Third Horizon Caribbean Film Festival, Miami, September 2017

Reykjavik International Film Festival, September 2017

Dinard Festival of British Film, September 2017 WINNER: JURY PRIZE BEST SHORT FILM

Black International Film Festival, Birmingham, October 2017

Baltimore International Black Film Festival, October 2017 WINNER: AUDIENCE AWARD BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT

This Is England British Short Film Festival, Rouen, November 2017

Crystal Palace International Film Festival, London, November 2017

Aesthetica Film Festival, York, November 2017

Cork Film Festival, November 2017